Ardengh JC, Taglieri E, Ardengh AO, Micelli-Neto O, Machado MA

Arq Gastroenterol

EUS-guided HotAxios for the treatment of traumatic pancreatic pseudocyst in pediatric patient

The occurrence of pseudocyst is an adverse event (AE) of severe
acute pancreatitis (AP) post blunt abdominal trauma. When this
type of trauma occurs with pancreatic involvement, the occurrence
of AP is frequent. In childhood, about 11% of AP are caused by
blunt abdominal trauma. During the evolution, fluid collections
from the pancreas can be formed, and when we could observe a
continuous growth, signs of infection, bleeding, abdominal pain or
obstruction and the treatment is indicated. Currently, endoscopic
ultrasound-guided drainage (EUS) is the gold standard for treatment. Hot-Axios system, which has an electrocautery attached,allows the prosthesis to be released inside the transmural region without being necessary a guidewire, dilatation or the use of fluoroscopy. The authors report an unusual case of a 12-year-old boy who suffered blunt abdominal trauma with complete fracture of the pancreas evolving to a large pancreatic pseudocyst requiring the use of Hot-Axios.