Enucleation of liver tumors: you do not have to feel blue about it.


Surjan RC, Makdissi FF, Basseres T, Machado MA

J Surg Case Rep 2015 Oct 21;2015(10):1-3.



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Enucleation of hepatic tumors is a low-morbidity technique with adequate oncological results that is useful in many clinical settings. Compared with anatomical liver resections, it offers the advantage of maximal hepatic parenchymal preservation. However, some technical adversities may occur during the enucleation of liver tumors, such as difficulty in finding the lesions by intraoperative ultrasonography after hepatic transection or further visually spotting the tumor within the parenchyma if a first specimen is retracted not containing the lesion. We describe an innovative technique that overcomes these possible adversities and makes the enucleation of liver tumors easier and more precise.