One-stage laparoscopic bisegmentectomy 7-8 and bisegmentectomy 2-3 for bilateral colorectal liver metastases

Machado MA, Almeida FA, Makdissi FF, Surjan RC, Cunha-Filho GA.
Surg Endosc 2011;25(6):2011-4




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BACKGROUND: Bisegmentectomy 7-8 is feasible even in the absence of a large inferior right hepatic vein. To our knowledge, this operation has never been performed by laparoscopy. This study was designed to present video of pure laparoscopic bisegmentectomy 7-8 and bisegmentectomy 2-3 in one-stage operation for bilateral liver metastasis.

METHODS: A 67-year-old man with metachronous bilobar colorectal liver metastasis was referred for surgical treatment after neoadjuvant chemotherapy. CT scan disclosed two liver metastases: one located between segments 7 and 8 and another one in segment 2. At liver examination, another metastasis was found on segment 3. We decided to perform a bisegmentectomy 7-8 along with bisegmentectomy 2-3 in a single procedure. The operation began with mobilization of the right liver with complete dissection of retrohepatic vena cava. Inferior right hepatic vein was absent. Right hepatic vein was dissected and encircled. Upper part of right liver, containing segment 7 and 8, was marked with cautery. Selective hemi-Pringle maneuver was performed and right hepatic vein was divided with stapler. At this point, liver rotation to the left allowed direct view and access to the superior aspect of the right liver. Liver transection was accomplished with harmonic scalpel and endoscopic stapling device. Bisegmentectomy 2-3 was performed using the intrahepatic Glissonian approach. The specimens were extracted through a suprapubic incision. Liver raw surfaces were reviewed for bleeding and bile leaks.

RESULTS: Operative time was 240 minutes with no need for transfusion. Recovery was uneventful. Patient was discharged on the fifth postoperative day. Patient is well with no evidence of disease 14 months after liver resection. Tumor markers are within normal range.

CONCLUSIONS: Bisegmentectomy 7-8 may increase resectability rate in patients with bilateral lesions. This operation can be performed safely by laparoscopy. Preservation of segments 5 and 6 permitted simultaneous resection of segments 2 and 3 with adequate liver remnant.