Unusual case of pentastomiasis mimicking liver tumor.
Machado MA, Makdissi FF, Canedo LF, Martino RB, Crescentini F, Chieffi PP, Bacchella T, Machado MC

J Gastroenterol Hepatol 21 (7):1218-1220, 2006.



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Pentastomiasis is a rare zoonotic disease. Almost all recorded cases of human pentastomiasis had been incidental findings at autopsy. We report an unusual case of human pentastomiasis mimicking liver tumor successfully treated by liver resection. This clinical presentation is uncommon and it was probably caused by a pentastomid that exited its cyst and migrated to the liver causing an infarct that was mistaken as a primary liver tumor. Diagnosis could not be made before the surgery. This is the first reported case of human pentastomiasis in Brazil.