Simplified Rat Model of Intestinal Transplantation
Galvão FH, Santos RF, Machado MA, Bacchella T , Machado MC.
Transplantation 2005; 80(10):1522-3



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Rat intestinal transplantation is an optimal model for research; nevertheless, it requires a complex and difficult microsurgical technique. We have recently developed a simplified rat
model for intestinal transplantation using portal cuff anastomosis to overcome these technical difficulties. This alternative technique avoids recipient visceral ischemia and hemodynamic instability because there is no obstruction on inferior vena cava and portal vein. Furthermore,
it maintains grafts ileocecal valve and preserves the extrinsic enervation along the mesenteric-aortic segment that may improve bowel movement. This modified technique can be easily performed within two hours after a short period of training and may reach excellent success rates. This rat model may surmount technical obstacles precluding microsurgical techniques and may ultimately spread this model in centers with low technical resources.