Pancreatic tuberculosis: a rare condition mimicking pancreatic cystadenoma.
Machado, M.A.C. ; Herman, P.; Montagnini, A.L.; Jukemura, J.; Leite, K.R.M.; Furlan, J.; Machado, M.C.C.
Pancreas 17(3):315-22, 1998.



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Tuberculosis of the pancreas is extremely rare. Even in autopsies of patients who have died of
disseminated tuberculosis the reported incidence of pancreatic involvement is between 2 and 4.7%, and therefore clinical diagnosis is exceptional. We describe an unusual case of primary pancreatic tuberculosis mimicking a cystic tumor of the pancreas in a patient who had no known exposure history, was immunocompetent and had no demonstrable extrapancreatic involvement. No other case mimicking pancreatic cystadenoma has been found reported in English literature.