Autotransfusion with laparoscopically salvaged blood in trauma: Report on 21 cases.
Zantut, L.F.C.; Machado, M.A.C. ; Volpe, P.; Poggetti, R.S.; Birolini, D.
Surg. Laparosc. Endosc 6(1):46-48, 1996.



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Autotransfusion is being used with increasing frequency in order to avoid the complications observed after homologous blood transfusion. In abdominal trauma, however, the collected blood may be contaminated by intestinal contents, when digestive or urinary lesions are present. In such situations the reinfusion of blood is contraindicated. The authors present their experience with autotransfusion of blood collected through laparoscopy from the abdominal cavity, in 21 trauma patients. The laparoscopy allowed the aspiration of blood and, at the same time, permitted diagnosis of visceral lesions avoiding reinfusion of contaminated blood. No complications were observed and the hematocrit values showed a signification elevation. The procedure may represent the only possible method of blood transfusion in Jehovah' Witnesses as happened in one patient of our series.