The extrahepatic biliary injury.
Zantut, L.F.C.; Machado, M.A.C. ; Volpe, P.; Poggetti, R.S.; Birolini, D.
Panam. J. Trauma 5(1):20-25,1995.



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Traumatic injuries of the extrahepatic biliary tract are infrequent, occurring in approximately 0.5% of all patients with blunt and penetrating abdominal trauma. The incidence of this injury due to blunt abdominal trauma is rare. This study reviewed patients with injuries of the extrahepatic biliary tract due to abdominal trauma over a 6-year period to determine the incidence , trauma scores , associated injuries, surgical treatment performed, complications and mortality rate. We report our experience with patients with extrahepatic biliary tract trauma. A review of the literature and the discussion about the management are presented.