An unusual case of four iliac veins injured by gunshot: Case report and review of literature.
Machado, M.A.C. ; Ikejiri, C.I.; Borrelli Jr, M.; Steinman, M.; Figueiredo, A.M.; Poggetti, R.S.; Branco, P.D.; Birolini, D.
J. Trauma 36(3): 442-443, 1994.



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Iliac vessel injuries constitute approximately 10 percent of all vascular trauma. The high mortality rate is because of the massive degree of exsanguination and the high frequency of associated injuries. Iliac vein injury occurs generally isolated or in association with arterial lesion. Multiple injuries of iliac veins are uncommon and frequently fatal. We describe an unusual case, in which there were injuries of the four iliac veins by gunshot. A review of literature of this condition and a discussion about the diagnosis, treatment and factors affecting mortality rate is presented. No other such case has been reported.