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Portal vein aneurysm.
Autores: Andraus W, Amico EC, Machado MA, Bacchella T, Machado MC
Clinics. 2007; 62(2):203-5.



Unlike arterial aneurysms, primary venous aneurysms are uncommon. Venous aneurysms have been found and described in the popliteal, jugular, and saphenous veins, but occur only rarely in other veins. Portal vein aneurysms represent less than 3% of all venous aneurysms. This finding has been increasingly described in recent years probably because radiologic imaging exams are more available in clinical practice. Two forms, congenital and acquired, have been described. Acquired aneurysms are more frequent and associated commonly with hepatic cirrhosis and portal hypertension.
In this report, we present a case of a patient with an asymptomatic portal vein aneurysm located at the truncus of the portal vein that was incidentally detected during an ultrasonography examination for dyspepsia and was treated conservatively.