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Gallbladder injuries due to blunt abdominal trauma: Report on five cases and review of the literature.
Autores: Zantut, L.F.C.; Machado, M.A.C. ; Souza, A.L.; Volpe, P.; Rodrigues Jr, A.J.; Poggetti, R.S.; Birolini, D.
Rev. Paul. Med. 110(6):285-288,1992.



Gallbladder lesions by blunt abdominal trauma are rare, due to the organ's anatomical particularities Diagnosis is difficult, and it generally occurs during surgery. The trauma is usually associated with other lesions and is related to very serious traumas or deceleration. Due to scarcity of publications on this topic and to its reduced incidence, we present here a report of five patients who had suffered blunt abdominal trauma with gallbladder lesion and who were treated at Emergency Department (of the University of São Paulo Medical School) between 1986 and 1991. Furthermore, we analyse the incidence of this trauma, trauma scores, presence of associated lesions, treatment, morbidity and mortality of the patients, as well as a review of the literature.