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Prof Dr Marcel Autran Cesar Machado

Laparoscopic Liver and Pancreatic Surgery

Experience with laparoscopic procedures and recent advances in laparoscopic devices have created an evolving interest in the application of these techniques to liver resection. However, laparoscopic liver resection has not been widely developed and anatomical segmental liver resection is not currently performed due to difficulty to control segmental Glissonian pedicles laparoscopically. We have recently described new techniques for laparoscopic liver resection, including intrahepatic access to Glissonian pedicles. The main advantage over other techniques is the possibility to gain a rapid and precise access to the right posterior and anterior sheaths facilitating right hemihepatectomy, and right anterior and posterior sectionectomies. We believe that the described technique facilitates laparoscopic liver resection by reducing the technical difficulties in pedicle control and may increase the development of segment-based laparoscopic liver resections. To access our publications in open or laparoscopic liver surgery click here.

If you want to access our publications in pancreatic surgery click here.

Areas of Interest

Other areas of interest include open liver, pancreatic and biliary surgery and laparoscopic advanced techniques. To contact us use our email dr@drmarcel.com.br